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Fashion Shoot Tips - PT 1

1. Communicate your vision with everyone involved 📢

From the makeup artist to the photographer, present and discuss what you want to achieve. Everyone will give their best when they know what everyone's trying to do. Synergy is King!

2. Have a mood board

Put together photos you find on the internet, which matches the look you're going for. Brainstorm with the creative who'll be there on shoot day. If you can have a physical board on shoot day, it will be very easy.

3. Never rush Hair and Make-up 💋💄

This could happen as HMU, traditionally takes time, and the photographer/ videographer is waiting. If the hair and makeup looks incomplete, the photos and videos WILL look incomplete. Always start early as possible, there is never enough time.

4. Play some music 🎶

Without some tunes, the shoots could get dull as f***. If you have a video edit - try to play some music similar to how you want the final output want to look like. Always carry around a Bluetooth speaker!

5. Take good BTS [Behind the Scenes] 🎭🤸‍♀️💃

You could possibly fill your phone with a lot of photos and video from shoots... but try to get valuable content! And use an app like CapCut to make BTS compilations. Trust me you followers love BTS! Check out a BTS video I made a fun for Elizabeth Clothing.

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