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Don't ask me for a video

Updated: May 13, 2022

Given that you are in fashion, or even in FMCG - you spend a whole month planning a photoshoot, and then you add a video as well. The shoot was amazing, no problems, the timing was great, HMU was great, models were in great form, the synergy was perfect, the photos look amazing, the videographer executed everything well, you get about 50 photos to use on social media and.... a one minute video.

Why would you do that to yourself?

I mean wtf, just a one minute video? After weeks of effort put into this, just so you can post it up and your followers can say 'ah cool video' and keep scrolling? Come on, we can do better.


Getting your hands on 4 pieces of high impact 15 second clips, allows you to post them throughout a week. Specially, if you are a newer brand with a younger fan-base who is on their phone all day; you might wanna be in their face during launch week a bit more than usual.

Benefits of this approach

in point form, cuz I would hate to read another paragraph myself

  1. You get more diverse content to post throughout launch week

  2. Lesser attention span = lesser possibility of watching the a long clip

  3. High shareable content pieces are getting shorter and shorter by the hour, unless you have an extremely loyal fanbase they would commit to watching a long video

  4. This improves your ROI in a marketing sense

  5. Option to compile the mini-clips together and post one long 1 minute clip

  6. Short clips are Tik-Tok friendly, catches onto IG reels and explore page


This approach is useful primarily for promotional work, rather than storytelling. We are trying to get more space in the customer's scrolling time to reinforce a message.

Eg. We are launching next week, limited stocks available, log-in to our website

There's much more to talk about - so stay tuned, or give me a call

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